Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Post for New Beginning

It is not that I have not been to any restaurant in 2009 till now nor that I have no cook during that period... it is just that I have been so busy with life that I do not care about this bloggy thingy but some thing got into me tonight that I felt like visiting my blogspot...huahuahua... nnti la kalu I rajin I update... best gak crita pasal benda makan2 ni!! yummy yummy

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cheesecake Factory!!!

I finally went to cheesecake factory and I did not spent a penny on this nice, fancy restaurant. After RAS today, Dr. Buckely decide to bring all the RIT students and faculty member who went to RAS but did not reserve for lunch, to cheesecake factory! so here we are!! free nice complete meal!
Unfortunalty I did not order for any appetizer, as none of the poeple on my table did. But I had a good meal and dessert, one nice complete meal and here is the picture!!!

Bread with butter, I did not know the name of this bread but it crispy outside and soft in the inside!!

Chicken Pasta with Sundried Tomato in Cream Sauce

I did not know what's the name of this guy, but it is salmon with mashed potato in lemon sauce. This one is Ina's.

Din's: I also didn't know what it is called but it is shrimp in gravy with potato and black beans. It has banana too at the sides, it's really sweet. I only tasted the banana.

The picture of the cheesecake, which I have it wrapped as to go will come later I haven't eat it yet!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wok With You at Park Point

Shrimp Shumai (resolved my craving for dumpling..yeay!!)

Salmon Sushi

Crab Rangoon (The best appetizer!!)

Thai Basil Fried Rice (taste just like other fried rice in chinese restaurant..Not recommended)

Udon in Soup with Veggie and Shrimp (I like the udon texture but the soup was quite bland)

Panang with White Rice (the best main course among the three)

I would love to come to this restaurant again to try other menus especially their dim sum. Haven't tried them yet, so pretty sure I'll give a second visit to this restaurant, inshaAllah! and plus the waitress was really nice and friendly! So people...if you went to park point this restaurant is a must, it is much better than the regular chinese food that we always ate at the mall food court, this one is much fancier and they have more variety of asian food, not only limited to fake chinese food!